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This page has the sole task to provide an up to date list of games like RuneScape. RuneScape is still one of the most popular free to play games out there but it suffers from old graphics and slow game-play. In the year of 2011 there are many alternatives to RuneScape and we seek to inform the players about these alternative games similar to RuneScape. So please go ahead an choose a game like RuneScape from the list of online rpg games like RuneScape that we present here.

Understanding the Diablo 3 Monk Class

All you Diablo 3 fans out there, you are probably waiting to hear more reviews on this griping game. Let us discuss the monk class in this article. There are 5 classes in Diablo 3, each having their own kind of advantages as well as disadvantages. The best part is that all these classes have a very even base, they have a good balance. These 5 classes namely are witch doctor, demon, wizard, monk and barbarian. Let us know more about the monk class, this would help you decide your favorite class as well.
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