Understanding the Diablo 3 Monk Class

All you Diablo 3 fans out there, you are probably waiting to hear more reviews on this griping game. Let us discuss the monk class in this article. There are 5 classes in Diablo 3, each having their own kind of advantages as well as disadvantages. The best part is that all these classes have a very even base, they have a good balance. These 5 classes namely are witch doctor, demon, wizard, monk and barbarian. Let us know more about the monk class, this would help you decide your favorite class as well.

Monk Class

The unique move of this character is his hand to hand combat. It is one of the two melee classes. Monk specializes in defeating the weak dungeon creatures.
Based on the class, the weapons are unique to the monk too. It consists of the fist and daibos weapons. In the fist style, the monk can make use of his best hand to hand move with the help of knuckle spikes, knife blades, hand wraps etc. The diabos make the monks stronger because of their very unique passive and active abilities.

Specific bonuses can be attainted with the spirit stone that is specific to this class only.

There are a minimum of 20 abilities that the monk posses each of these abilities being a lot different from the others, combining them with any one of the five runes you become even more powerful.

The monk character is completely opposite to the barbarian when compared to the buffs and abilities. The main strength of the monk is buffs and healing whereas that of the barbarian is damage attacks.

If the barbarian and the monk class is to be compared then there is a greater chance of survival in the monk class owing to its healing abilities. This however does not mean that the monk is wea when it comes to attacking but yes, compared to the barbarian the monk is weaker on attacking.

It all depends on how you go ahead playing Diablo 3, the monk seems to be a good class when it comes to attacking, it is considered to have extreme importance in part play owing to the defensive heals and buffs that your party would be offered. For those who prefer to play their game having healing as a back up as opposed to damaging would really enjoy the monk class. Even the effect spells area is much better than the barbarian class which does not have any.

Thus, the monk class is fun to play in and also has an array of scenarios for a tactful player to enjoy in.